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With over 25 years of brewing expertise, we can brew any beer style or match recipes with your current facility. Quality equipment and quality beer — we do it right the first time, every time. 

From Concept to Product

Your product is brewed with the highest standards, every step of the way.

DME Brewhouse & Siemens Automation

Our state-of-the-art process control system ensures great tasting craft beer, every time.

Our 4-vessel, 35hL DME Brewhouse with Siemens automation allows 24-hour visibility and alarm conditions on any out-of-specification temperature on fermentation.

DME (1).png


Whether you’re a startup craft brewery or a larger operation, our 35, 70, and 140 hL tanks will work for you.

With a minimum run size of 70hL, we can accommodate large and small volume clients.

Beer Recipe Development & Innovation

Our 3.5hL pilot brewing system is just what you’ll need for one-off brews, recipe tests, and smaller batch seasonal beers.

Need help developing recipes? Work with our brewmaster and team of brewers to come up with the right recipe to fit your needs and develop them on our pilot system. In order to ensure your product is an exact match, our trained sensory team will pull small samples from each batch of beer to track sensory, attenuation, temperature, and pH.


The Final Touches

Our facility uses some of the most recognized and highly-appraised systems in the industry.


Our premium quality, efficient canning line can package both 355mL and 473mL cans at a rate of up to 240 cans per minute.

Our Krones Craftmate Can Filler is an expert for the low output range, safely canning both small and large production quantities. Compared to linear can fillers, Krones filler offers low oxygen pick-up, improving both your product’s freshness and shelf-life. Our world-class Switchback TP-15 can packer has the flexibility to pack cans in 12 and 24 packs in end or top loaded corrugated trays. We also have custom co-packing options available to suit your needs. Our depalletizer is manufactured by Codi Depal in Golden, CO and the Arpac Shrink Tunnel meets the highest LCBO standards.

Canning Line


quality control

Our stringent quality assurance processes ensure your products are consistent and reliable. We don’t take shortcuts.

Manufactured by Lagrotta, our can warmer reduces condensation on cans, which in turn reduces quality issues on corrugate trays due to condensation. We use a FILTEC 2XR to detect low-filled cans to ensure all cans are filled to either 355 or 473 ml, rejecting all cans from the line that don’t meet proper levels. This high-speed fill level inspection system is one of the most reliable systems used in our industry.

additional features

Additional QC Testing

Our facility features Anton paar cBox for dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide testing. Feel assured on your can seam quality with seam inspection and testing on alcohol, apparent extract, pH, and colour on each run. IBU tests are available on request. If QC services are required, contact us for rates.


We have ability to wash and fill all industry standard kegs (20L, 30L, 50L 58.6L).

Storage and distribution

With 35,000 square feet of warehouse space available to store raw materials

and primary and secondary packaging materials, we offer both cold and dry storage for our brewing partners.


Here’s what our partners like to know before they start brewing with us.

How does the contract work?

First, we meet and talk about opportunity. We have a mutual non-disclosure agreement which ensures discussions are confidential, then we discuss volumes and recipes. Based on recipe, volumes, ageing time, and which raw materials you want to include, we’ll discuss a pricing proposal. From there, we sign a manufacturing agreement and start brewing!


Beer, Non-Alcoholic Beer, Cider, Spirit & Malt Based RTD/Cooler.

Can I send my brewer on site for our brew day?

Yes, we love when there are an extra set of hands! We encourage partner brewers to be on site for as much of their production as they wish to oversee and get involved. Some basic safety orientation is required but after that we should be good to go.

What are your quality standards?

Our standards are among the highest in the industry. We have a fully outfitted lab with top-of-the-line equipment and test pH, colour, alcohol, CO2, dissolved oxygen on every outgoing batch. We also have microbiological and bitterness testing capability.

What are the minimum volumes?

Brew sizes are 70hL with commitments of brewing every 2 months. 

Where is your water from?

London’s primary water source is from Lake Huron, which is touted as some of the best quality brewing water in North America. Salt packages are available to meet almost any style.

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